A Lady’s Morals

A Lady's Morals

Movie: A Lady’s Morals
Director: Sidney Franklin
Produced by: Cosmopolitan
Released By: MGM
MPAA Rating:

Metropolitan Opera diva Grace Moore made her film debut in MGM’s A Lady’s Morals. The film purports to be the biography of “Swedish Nightingale” Jenny Lind, who was ballyhooed to stardom by 19th-century showman P.T. Barnum. Most of the story, however, is given over to the fabricated romance between Lind and young composer Paul Brandt, who gives her up when stricken with blindness. As if this wasn’t trouble enough, Lind loses her voice at the height of her career, she regains her golden throat, but Paul is lost to her forever. Grace Moore sings seven songs during the film’s amazingly brief running time, two of them operatic classics. The anemic box-office showing of A Lady’s Morals and her follow-up vehicles briefly squelched Grace Moore’s hopes for film stardom, but a few years later she enjoyed enormous success in a series of Columbia musicals.

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