Another Woman’s Husband

Another Woman's Husband

Movie: Another Woman’s Husband
Director: Noel Nosseck
Produced by:
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Johnny Miller wants to take his wife, Susan Miller, on a vacation to the Bahamas, but a traumatic childhood incident has left Gail with a mortal fear of swimming or even going anywhere near the ocean. As a means of curing herself, Gail signs up for swimming lessons, and in so doing, makes the acquaintance of affable instructor Laurel McArthur. After the two women have become the closest of friends, Laurel reveals to Gail that she is in love with a handsome man who calls himself Jake. All well and good — except that, unbeknownst to Laurel, “Jake” is actually none other than Gail’s husband, Johnny. Adapted from the novel Swimming Lessons, the made-for-cable Another Woman’s Husband first aired March 6, 2000, on the Lifetime network.

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