Cadfael: The Devil’s Novice

Cadfael: The Devil's Novice

Movie: Cadfael: The Devil’s Novice
Director: Malcolm Mowbray / Herbert Wise
Produced by: Central Films
Released By:
MPAA Rating:

Ellis Peters’ 12th-century monk who finds time in his daily devotionals to ferret out crime comes alive in this made-for-TV drama. A young man named Meriet arrives at Shrewsbury Abbey eager to become a novice, but Brother Cadfael somehow doubts the boy’s good intentions, and a Senior Cleric decides to take a look into his past. When the Cleric turns up dead, Meriet confesses to the murder, but once Cadfael learns more about the young man’s troubled history, he wonders if Meriet might be offering himself as a sacrifice to cover someone else’s tracks. Brother Cadfael: The Devil’s Novice also features Terence Hardiman and Mark Charnock, the drama was originally shown in the U.S. as part of the PBS series Mystery!

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