Histoires D’Hiver

Histoires D'Hiver

Movie: Histoires D’Hiver
Director: Francois Bouvier
Produced by: Aska
Released By: Behaviour Distribution
MPAA Rating:

Histoires D’Hiver/Winter Stories is a nostalgic story set in Montreal in 1966, where 12-year-old Martin eats, sleeps and dreams hockey. Martin’s favorite team is the Montreal Canadiens, an enthusiasm shared by his Uncle Maurice, who loves to spin tales of the team’s glorious past, but Martin’s father seemingly couldn’t care less about the icers. Meanwhile, Martin concocts a scheme to score tickets for a Montreal game by writing star player Henri Richard and claiming to be seriously ill, which does not go as he had hoped. When not thinking about hockey, Martin finds romance first entering his life thanks to his schoolmate Vera, and his bohemian English teacher introduces the class to protest music. Filmed on location in Montreal, Histoires D’Hiver/Winter Stories recieved enthusiastic notices for its strong performances and fine camerawork.

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