Le Rat D’Amerique

Le Rat D'Amerique

Movie: Le Rat D’Amerique
Director: Jean-Gabriel Albicocco
Produced by: Franco London Films, Madeleine Films, Zebra Films
Released By: Pathé Films
MPAA Rating:

This South American adventure drama finds Charles, a youthful Frenchman traveling to Paraguay to start a new life. Seeking out a rich uncle, the idealistic nephew is rejected by his miserly relation, and he goes on to get involved with a shady woman and a band of gun runners who supply arms for the revolution of the week. Charles and his new girlfriend head for the border after a shootout with federal troops, and a kindly railroad worker hides the couple in an abandoned copper mine. Charles is later thrown in prison while the girl becomes a concubine, but her violator is killed when Charles escapes to rescue her and exact revenge. A pretty harrowing composition could be written by the young couple on “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

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