L’Inconnu dans la Maison

L'Inconnu dans la Maison

Movie: L’Inconnu dans la Maison
Director: Georges Lautner
Produced by: Annabel Productions, Films Alain Sarde
Released By: AMLF
MPAA Rating:

Loursat is a lawyer who has spent the last decade drinking himself into insensibility with a huge cache of gourmet wine in response to his grief at the death of his beloved wife. In the process, he has managed to alienate his now-grown daughter and is barely on speaking terms with his housekeeper. However, finding the corpse of a murdered young man in a room in his house snaps him out of his protracted reverie. He sobers up, investigates the murder, and takes his place in the courtoom to straighten out this mess. In the process, he wins back the respect and affection of his family. This courtroom drama and mystery is based on one of Georges Simenon’s many novels.

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