L’Uomo Di Paglia

L'Uomo Di Paglia

Movie: L’Uomo Di Paglia
Director: Pietro Germi
Produced by: Cinecittà, Lux Productions, Vides Cinematografica
Released By:
MPAA Rating:

Though generally successful, L’Uomo di Paglia is hampered by two of director Pietro Germi’s most characteristic creative shortcomings: overlength and oversimplification. Germi himself plays the leading role, a young husband and father named Andrea Zaccardi. When he falls in love with another woman, Zaccardi begins to neglect his family. Things get worse when his emotionally unstable mistress commits suicide. Though his wife and son forgive him, Zaccardi somehow knows that his life has forever been altered, and that neither he nor his family will ever truly be happy again.

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