One Last Thing…

One Last Thing...

Movie: One Last Thing…
Director: Alex Steyermark
Produced by: 2929 Entertainment, HDNet Films
Released By:
MPAA Rating: R

A teenage boy makes the sort of wish you’d expect a teenage boy to make, and he might just get to live it out in this dark comedy. Dylan Jamieson is a 16-year-old boy living in Pennsylvania who is being raised by his mother, Karen, on her own after the death of his father. Karen and Dylan have received the news that the boy has contracted a rare form of cancer and isn’t likely to live to see seventeen. Dylan has taken the news surprisingly well, facing his treatment with pointed good humor and spending much of his free time with his best buddies Slap and Ricky. Aware that the end is on the horizon, Karen contacts United Wish Givers, a group that arranges for ailing youngsters to enjoy a final adventure before they pass, and they set up a fishing trip for Dylan with a professional football star. However, Dylan comes up with a better idea with the help of Slap and Ricky, and on television, tells the group’s representatives that what he really wants is a weekend-long date with Nikki Slater, a supermodel and world-class sex symbol. While the United Wish Givers are appalled and Karen isn’t sure this is a good idea, Arlene, Nikki’s agent, sees possibilities in this news — Nikki has been on a bender of bad publicity recently, and granting a kid’s last wish might be just the thing to help folks forget that she’s been pushing rival models off runways. One Last Thing… was directed by Alex Steyermark, who worked with Gina Gershon on his previous film, Prey for Rock & Roll.

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