Paris, Je T’Aime

Paris, Je T'Aime

Movie: Paris, Je T’Aime
Director: Olivier Assayas / Frédéric Auburtin / Gurinder Chadha / Sylvain Chomet / Ethan Coen / Joel Coen / Isabel Coixet / Wes Craven / Alfonso Cuarón / Gérard Depardieu / Christopher Doyle / Richard LaGravenese / Vincenzo Natali / Alexander Payne / Bruno Podalydès / Walter Salles, Jr. / Oliver Schmitz / Nobuhiro Suwa / Daniela Thomas / Tom Tykwer / Gus Van Sant
Produced by: Canal Plus, Filmazure, Pirol Film Productions, Victoires International
Released By: Fabrique de Films, First Look Pictures
MPAA Rating: R

Twenty acclaimed filmmakers from around the world look at love in the City of Lights in this omnibus feature. Paris, Je T’Aime features 18 short stories, each set in a different part of Paris and each featuring a different cast and director. In “Faubourg Saint-Denis,” Tom Tykwer directs Natalie Portman as an American actress who is the object of affection for a blind student. Christopher Doyle’s “Porte de Choisy” follows a salesman as he tries to pitch beauty aids in Chinatown. Nick Nolte and Ludivine Sagnier are father and daughter in “Parc Monceau” from Alfonso Cuarón. Animator Sylvain Chomet turns his eye to a pair of living, breathing mimes in “Tour Eiffel.” An interracial romance in France is offered by Gurinder Chadha in “Quais de Seine.” In “Le Marais” from Gus Van Sant, a man finds himself falling for a handsome gent who works in a print shop. Isabel Coixet tells the tale of a man who is making his final choice between his wife and his lover in “Bastille.” Juliette Binoche plays a grieving mother in Nobuhiro Suwa’s “Place des Victoires,” in which she’s greeted by a spectral cowboy. Richard LaGravanese’s “Pigalle” finds a long-married man turning to a prostitute for advice on pleasing his wife. Gérard Depardieu and Frédéric Auburtin direct Gena Rowlands and Ben Gazzara as longtime marrieds meeting for one final pre-divorce encounter in “Quartier Latin.” Steve Buscemi learns a lesson about local etiquette in the Paris Metro in “Tuileries” from Joel and Ethan Coen. In “Loin du 16ème” by Walter Salles, a housekeeper longs for her own child as she tends to the infant of her wealthy employer. Elijah Wood stars in “Quartier de la Madeleine,” a vampire tale from Vincenzo Natali. Wes Craven presents another fantasy in “Père-Lachaise,” in which an engaged young man receives romantic advice from the spirit of Oscar Wilde. A postal worker from Colorado shares her thoughts on her visit to Paris in mangled French in Alexander Payne’s witty “14th Arrondissement.” Other segments include “Place des Fêtes” from Oliver Schmitz, Bruno Podalydès’ “Montmartre,” and “Quartier des Enfants Rouges” by Olivier Assayas, which stars Maggie Gyllenhaal. Paris, Je T’Aime received its world premiere at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.

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