The Doctor’s Dilemma

The Doctor's Dilemma

Movie: The Doctor’s Dilemma
Director: Anthony Asquith
Produced by: Comet Productions, MGM
Released By: MGM
MPAA Rating:

This film adaptation of Bernard Shaw’s 1903 comedy/drama stars Dirk Bogarde, which might have led some impressionable viewers to assume that Doctor’s Dilemma was merely the latest installment in Bogarde’s “Doctor in the House” series. Bogarde plays a rakish artist who falls victim to consumption. Leslie Caron is his lovely wife, who will not face up to Bogarde’s indiscretions. Rather than watch her husband die, Caron begs a doctor to utilize a revolutionary new serum on Bogarde. With the serum in short supply, the doctor is faced with his dilemma: should he save the life of the “worthless” Bogarde, or hold out until a more deserving patient comes along?

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