The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

Movie: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter
Director: Mick Jackson
Produced by: Jaffe-Braunstein Films, Sony Pictures Television
Released By:
MPAA Rating:

Durmot Mulroney, Gretchen Mol, and two-time Oscar nominee Emily Watson star in director Mick Jackson’s feature adaptation of author Kim Edwards’ New York Times best-seller concerning a physician whose painful decision to abandon one of his newborn twins has further reaching repercussions than he ever imagined. Dr. David Henry and his wife Nora have just given birth to a newborn set of twins when the husband makes the heartbreaking discovery that one of the children has Down syndrome. Completely unprepared with how to handle the situation, Dr. Henry ultimately decides to send the chromosomally damaged child away. Little does the doctor realize that the attending nurse has overheard his plan. Before the child can be sent away, the nurse intervenes – setting into motion a tragic sequence of events that will haunt the entire family for the following two decades.

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