The Vintner’s Luck

The Vintner's Luck

Movie: The Vintner’s Luck
Director: Niki Caro
Produced by: Ascension Film, Birka Film Productions, Kortex Acajou Film, Les Films 2 Cinema, Motion Investment Group, New Zealand on Air, OLC/Rights Entertainment
Released By: New Zealand Film Commission, New Zealand Film Production Fund, Panorama Entertainment
MPAA Rating:

A winemaker is coached by a wise spirit in this fantasy set in the early 19th century, based on a novel by Elizabeth Knox. Sobran Jodeau is a poor but hard-working man who helps the Comte de Vully grow grapes but hopes to someday oversee his own vineyard and make world-class wine. Sobran is also deeply in love with Celeste, a lovely women whose family has been touched by emotional instability. One night, Sobran is visited by Xas, a guardian angel who offers to help him with his dream of becoming a vintner, Xas pledges to visit Sobran one day every year to sample his wine and give him advice. However, Xas warns Sobran that like great art, great wine often is the product of sacrifice and suffering, and with the passage of time Sobran is visited by both kind and cruel fate. Sobran and Celeste are wed, and after the death of the Comte de Vully, his heir, Baroness Aurora de Valday, puts Sobran in charge of the winery. But Sobran’s skill alone doesn’t produce exceptional wine, and it’s not until he’s touched by tragedy that he is able to produce a vintage that speaks of a full life. The Vintner’s Luck received its world premiere at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival.

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